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Directed by: Rosamaria Montalbano D.O.P: Francesco Piceni Sound: AM_Pseudo Photographer: Marco Castellani - Renée Liszkai Assistente: Renato Criscuolo Stylist: Simone Folli Assistente Stylist: Martina Raggiotto Mua & Hair: Valeria Stefanelli Modella: Vera Luijendijk


Directed by: Rosamaria Montalbano Color by: Francesco Piceni Photographed by Leonardo Bornati Thanks Fisheye Agency Styling Nicola Pantano Styling ass. Luz del Carmen Set design CMF scenografie Mua Andrea Sailis Hair Gabriele Marozzi Casting Michele Bisceglia Models Hernán Cano @theclawmodels, Jacopo Ruoti @dmanagement and Sidy Thiam@theclawmodels Published on The Collector at https://the-collector.it/2021/07/01/narcissus-chronicles/


Director: Rosamaria Montalbano D.O.P.: Francesco Piceni Sound: AM_pseudo Styling: Federica Intraligi Hair & Makeup: Angelica Piva Model: Wen with D’management Poem: Giuseppina Cacioppo Fashion: settantunottantatre, Opera, CAP0C10 Jewelry: Virginia Evangelista Published on Rain Magazine at rain-mag.com/projection